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Joe Baker


Our Garden


Earth’s dark hibernal curfew succumbs to wakeful spring

And blossom-gravid fruiting buds of life rekindled sing.

Now, Common Sturnus sorties out for mayflies on the wing

And grubs, his greedy starlets have demanded him to bring.


That fount of social balm that we’ve been restive for is here,

He’s warmed our pocket plot and nudged her life back into gear.

Our living space extends to let this joie de vivre come near;

Now, sweet pea, rose and dahlia miraculously appear.


We’ve watched the seed unfurl and swell, here God unveils his store:

Cos leaves, Savoys, Olympians, Valencias by the score

And canes borne down with lusciousness, red, gold and black galore.

Now, fiery Stag Horn Sumac shows and livens the décor!


Luminescent emerald fades to depleted gold

As the cool thief of fruitfulness contemptuously takes hold

And wilful frosty fingers wrap his booty in white mould.

Now, plucky Winter Pansies melt my eyes and scorn the cold.


Thus the seasons spend themselves, while Time keeps silent score.

Throughout our humble garden, with its year split into four,

Earth flaunts her wondrous cycle to inspire us ever more

With the miracle of life, enacted right outside our door.