Chichester Writers Circle

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Joe Baker


Sonnet, published in the Festival of Chichester anthology  2016


The End of the Tunnel

Wherefore the afterlife for which men lust;

The guts and brains of cadavers turn dust.

Belief will not restore your mirthless heart

And energise its tenderness to start.

No magic can repair your witless brain

To vivify your spirit once again,

Nor deity re-light your vacant eyes

No matter what glib ‘miracle’ He tries.

God’s pious sheep, his bounteousness refused,

Let will and reason atrophy, unused;

Now, aided by their Faith, they tryst in hymns

While I brook Phases as your aura dims.

   But past crude nous, a glimmer beckons me;

   Soon I’ll embrace Time's scythe to follow thee.