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Joe Baker


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About Joe Baker 

Endlessly fascinated by technical devices as a boy, from the age of eight I gained distinction amongst friends and relatives as a 'watch repairer' - contributing nicely to my pocket-money.  My early career was spent as a mechanical engineer of the Old School; I say 'Old School' because I progressed by the traditional route. 


A fortunate beneficiary of enlightened post war Tripartite Education, I gained a place in one of the few technical colleges properly equipped at that time and went on to win an Indentured Apprenticeship, progressing  via the tool-room and drawing office to become qualified and eventually going freelance. 

In 1979 I launched a new business designing and building vehicle access  control systems, and registering several world patents in the process. 
The company grew and I prospered, but in 2002 my wife, my teenage sweetheart, 
 died suddenly.  Having raised two wonderful daughters, dispersed with families of their own, I sold my company to retire,
remarried and moved to my 
current address in Petworth, West Sussex.            R Hoe & Co Ltd, London 1961

 I enjoy sailing, dancing, singing and playing the fiddle (alas, not very well), and I have rcently found success in another passion – writing.  In my first year of appointment as R Cdre. House for the Chichester Yacht Club, I ordered a revamp of the Club’s magazine and put the publication on a digital footing with popular success.  I still contribute occasional articles.  An acclaimed poet, I am a prize-winning member of the Chichester Writer's Circle. 

Procession of the Monstrance

Not much is allowed to disturb the tranquillity of life now, but I cannot help getting cross when I come across shoddy workmanship.  In 2017 I launched a campaign to re-introduce building controls on major developments and founded and authored the Website at:

During my career I had many articles published and I am currently researching material for My first book. 
Procession of the Monstrance, 1953