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Scheduled for publication in 2019 

The Crux of Sin is aimed at the lay reader and will be essential reading for everyone concerned with paedophilia and child protection, including parents.   If you have ever wondered why child pornography is prevalent in our society you will be impressed by the substantive body of evidence laid out in this new book, which suggests a possible explanation.

Most parents would probably agree that a charming aspect of children is their simple innocence, but in his Confessions St. Augustine rebutted the notion that babies are innocent. He wrote that by watching babies he learned how sinful he was himself as a baby: ‘…there is none free from sin, not even the infant who has lived but a day upon this earth.’ He went on to say: ‘The infant’s innocence lies in the weakness of his body and not in the infant mind.’

St Augustine taught that Original Sin was the carnal sin of Adam and Eve revisited upon new-borns and the Church supports this view. If they do not believe in the inherent sinfulness of infants, then why do Christians insist babies must be baptised to wash the sin away from them?  

Here’s what happens to children when you teach that babies are sexually sinful…

With vignettes from Joe’s upbringing and education giving key insights into the workings of church institutions, this book will also be of relevance to anyone who has an interest in religion.