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Scheduled for publication in 2019 

Written for the general reader, The Crux of Sin reaches beyond Wayland Young's Eros Denied to probe the theology underpinning Christian Faith, making this book essential reading for everyone who has an interest in religion.   If you have ever wondered why child abuse infests religious institutions you will be astonished by the compelling evidence laid out here, which suggests a possible, doubtless overlooked, motivation.

Dark Net Internet data is harnessed to display a statistically significant correlation between the spread of Christian belief and the distribution of child abuse images, worldwide.  Here’s what happens to children when they are inculcated with Augustinian guilt, clerics believe that babies are sinful and God’s absolution is given in secret…

With vignettes from the author’s upbringing and indoctrination giving key insights into the cloistered workings of the Catholic Church, this book will also be of relevance to anyone concerned with child protection, including parents.